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Sustainably Beautiful

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

It is a fact that people come in and out our lives all the time, but it is the ones that you happen to meet, by chance, that you can form a mutual connection with and out of nowhere you find yourself on the heathland, in the beginning of February with a group of creatives, creating.

I met Kate Mason (@byKatyMac) at a local event I attended with my family. In and amongst beautiful stage costumes and handcrafted outfits, I spotted the ‘Sweet Dreams (Duvet) Gown’. You may be thinking that it is quite an unusual name for a gown, until you hear how it started the second chance in a local charity shop…

Kate Mason is a sustainable seamstress. She takes old garments, fabrics and more and turns breathes new life into them, making them considered beautiful once again. Hearing Kate speak so passionately about sustainable fashion, sparked an idea for a collaborative styled shoot.

Rosy Mason (@RosyMayDancer) is Kate’s daughter and luckily for us, is a talented dancer and model. They both had a connection to Dani, a fantastically creative photographer (@Enchanted Dreams Photography) and also eco minded. Dani offsets all of her travel emissions through Climeworks – a company that captures CO2 from the air and it into stone. Simply amazing technology! With this addition to the team, the styled shoot was beginning to take place.

An extra gown, aptly named “Viridescent Lace Gown” (which literally means becoming green) meant we needed some more models and so we welcomed Emma Churchyard (@emmaluce95) and the Druidess of Midian (@druidess_of_midian) to our team – both fantastic and beautiful with tonnes of experience. Melissa Sayer (@hair_by_melissa_julie) was the highly skilled, professional hairdresser who was willing to donate her time to the shoot, and our team was then complete.

Next on the list was location. The Heath local to me has a huge influence in my work which is inspired by the changing seasons. Inspiration may come from the golden Autumn/Winter bracken or the overwintering buds on a Silver Birch, both of which I use in my designs. When the images were shared with the group, it was a mutual agreement and so this group of supportive, professional, like minded women got to work with planning and the creativity was flowing.

On the day, Melissa was first on the scene, professional hair vanity case in tow, promptly followed by Emma and shortly after the rest of the Green Vibe Tribe. (No, we haven’t actually called ourselves that, but I feel like we should!) About 9 cups of tea/coffee later, we made our way over to the bleak, cold Heath and facing the cold winter wind and very intermittent sunshine, the triangle was erected, attached the florals and Dani put the models to work. I say ‘work’ in the loosest of terms because they were so effortless in their modelling – it just came naturally to them. The relaxed atmosphere shines through the photographs (excellently directed by Dani) and so ‘Sustainably Beautiful’ was created.

It was so liberating, to find a group of women with all the positive vibes, working together harmoniously but also passionately about their skill set whilst supporting sustainable business.

Afterall, sustainability is the future, right?

Meet the Green Vibe Tribe

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