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My impact on the natural world and local environment. 

The sun is shining on a glorious winter morning here, in Suffolk. After the recent storms, it's refreshing to see some blue skies and sunshine. The bulbs are bursting with colour, breaking through the drab, brown, leaf covered soil giving us hope that spring isn't so far off. I made myself a coffee and glanced outside to witness something that made my day. It was a situation that perfectly epitomised my business and why I run my business the way that I do.

Taking you back to December, when I hosted a couple of wreath workshops, my mum took her beagle for a walk in the Cambridgeshire countryside and spotted a mass of teasels (Dipsacus fullonum). These fascinating structures add beautiful silhouettes to the winter scene and also, they look fantastic in arrangements. The teasel is probably best-known for its tall - sometimes over two metres - brown, prickly stems and conical seed heads, which emerge after the green flowerheads with rings of purple flowers. Besides their natural beauty, the seeds of the common teasel provide many species of birds such as goldfinches and blue tits, with winter food and pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinators in the summer months.

My personal winter door wreath had five or six teasels embedded amongst the eucalyptus, conifer, pine and moss, all held in place with twine. I've only just removed the wreath from my front door yesterday and hung it on the shed as I still find it beautiful and it brings me so much joy to look at.

As I glanced outside from the warmth of my kitchen, I see a flash of blue, white and yellowy green and to my absolute joy, this little Blue Tit is 'teasing' the seeds from the wreath!

I have witnessed today, the impact that my business has on the natural world. Just one small bird this morning has spurred me on and given me so much happiness and satisfaction that I am on the right path, spreading the right message and my business has minimal impact on my local environment, the natural world and is sustainable. Today, my heart is full ❤️

You can grow teasels and create your own wildlife garden to attract birds and insects as well as the beautiful bees we so very much need to help. I'm going to leave some more teasels out for the birds and with what is left I will be collecting the seed and putting them on the website at some point this week so keep an eye out. My garden is coming alive with wildlife!

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