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8 Stick Craft Ideas 

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

I'm pretty sure that I won't be the only one post #stormciara with a garden full of "goodies" (if you got that reference, join my tribe!) I am surrounded by pine, conifer and silver birch trees and so my garden is littered with twigs and branches. Instead of just binning them, use them in your garden and with the kids to create some beautiful garden art and plant supports. Check these out!

1. Decorated bird bath

Intertwine all those branches and twigs around a garden tray, attach some twine to hang, fill with water and voila! You have a beautiful natural looking bird bath.

2. Nature Weaving

Use any natural elements you find in the garden, broken branches, stems, twigs, flowers and weave them through to create a beautiful piece of artwork for your garden.

3. Plant supports

Create a natural cage around your peonies or other plants that need supporting. This adds interest before those beautiful spring flowers come into their own.

4. Beautiful garden tee pee

Bring some colour to your garden with left over wool/yarn and use those big branches to create this stunning tee pee. (I think I'm going to do this over half term!)

5. Create an Easter decoration

Something like this would look beautiful with some naturally dyed eggs placed inside.

6. Garden Trellis

Practical and beautiful for your climbing plants.

7. Heart Wreath

Perfect for a handmade Valentine's gift?

8. Stars

A lovely activity for kids and adults. Create these beautiful stars by overlapping twigs and sticks and wrapping the points where they cross each other in twine. For added colour you could even use wool or embroidery thread.

My heart goes out to all those severely affected by the storm. For those who have a bit of clearing to do, I hope I've given you a few ideas to reuse those fallen branches. Be sure to compost what you don't use or dry and use as kindling for your fire.

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