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6 Eco-friendly Valentine's Gift Ideas

It's that time of year again when consumerism peaks, the same way it does at Christmas but with more hearts, pink, glitter and roses. If you're being conscious of your impact on the environment this year, take a look at a few low impact, eco-friendly gift ideas.

1. Plant a tree

Spend some time working out your carbon footprint and off set it but pledging to plant a tree or 10. The Woodland Trust sell tree saplings that come ready to plant, or you can dedicate a tree. Better still, become a member and help plant and preserve woodlands across the UK. Perhaps you can then visit these woodlands for a romantic stroll and a picnic.

2. Preloved or handmade jewellery

With so many beautiful vintage and antique stores to be found in Suffolk, my particular favourite being Snape Maltings, there is sure to be something unique and special waiting to be reloved once again. If you're not a fan of antiques, how about sourcing a local jeweller that hand crafts exceptional pieces often inspired by the local area. You can find lots of local crafter's on Etsy as well as artisan markets and hiring shelves in local shops.

3. Ethical, organic beauty products

Companies such as Neal's Yard have a great reputation for gorgeous beauty products with none of the nasties. Their signature blue glass bottles add that touch of luxury and they have some amazing offers throughout the year. To see their current offers

click here

. (I earn a small amount of commission if you order your Neal's Yard products through this site.)

4. Buy British seasonal flowers and plants

Imported flowers have a huge carbon footprint when compared to local or even British, seasonal flowers. Okay so, they're not going to the traditional dozen Roses that everyone expects but British flowers are beautiful and most of the time they're scented too. They come in your traditional Valentine's colours too, the reds, pinks and whites but also bright yellows, blues and greens. Woodbridge local can order their British bouquets from me online by

visiting the store


5. Volunteer for a cause

Trying to find time to volunteer for causes can be tricky, but this feel good activity will leave you, your loved one and the community full of positive vibes. You could team your romantic beach walk with a beach clean or maybe volunteer in your local community or your child's school. Whatever you do, it will leave you with a full heart. Check out your local Facebook events to find something nearby.

6. Buy nothing, waste nothing

Try these ideas for a waste free Valentine's

  • Have a no social media day and send time with your beloved.

  • Have a "no spend weekend".

  • Plan for the future.

  • Watch a movie...or you know, Netflix and ...

  • Make plans with friends and family. Love is love.

Whatever you decide to do, have a HAPPY LOVE DAY. <3

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