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5 Top Tips for Longer Lasting Flowers

The moment a flower is cut in the field, it begins the process of slowly fading away and therefore the after care we give our cut flowers can dramatically extend their vase life. We need to replicate the flowers needs and follow essential hygiene practices to be able to prolong the floral happiness in our homes.

There are some general guidelines that I recommend you follow but please note that each species and their varieties do have individual requirements. I do not 'aqua wrap' my flowers as I do not use plastic, however the arrangements are transported in water. If there is any risk that the recipient will not be available to receive the order, I always highly recommend to choose a vase arrangement. For vase arrangement care tips, please follow steps 4 & 5.

1. Clean & sterilise the containing vessel - I put mine in the dishwasher - and fill 3/4 with fresh tap water. I do not provide flower food with my bouquets, so this cleaning and sterilising is essential. Water should be changed daily.

2. Cut 1cm off the stems at a 45 degree angle. This will help with water absorption.

3. Remove all foliage that will lie below the water line to limit bacteria growth.

4. Display in a cool location, away from draughts, heat and direct sunlight.

5. Refresh the flowers every 2/3 days by removing any drooping flowers or foliage. Re-cut the stems as above and replace the water.

It is that simple and by following these steps your bouquet will last much longer. Purchasing British bouquets means that your flowers will be the freshest you can buy, with less processing time than imported varieties from Holland and sometimes from field to vase in 24 hours. Bud & Bee are providing flower deliveries on your selected day with 24 hours notice, still following strict government guidelines in regards to social distancing and hand hygiene. The Flower Box will be visiting locations across Suffolk so follow me on Facebook/Instagram for the latest news and updates. In the meantime you can place your order online at

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