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Nature gardening services

What defines a natural garden? A garden that hum with life. Gardens where organic and gentle methods are used and understanding how 'pests' and 'weeds' can be beneficial to a bio diverse garden. A relaxing, safe, beautiful ecosystem that can be shared with local birds, butterflies, frogs, hedgehogs, ladybirds and other wildlife visitors. A space to share that is full of scent, texture, colour and practical uses. 

Bud & Bee can help you to create these spaces, using what you have, recycling as well a suggesting additions to create a rich and beautiful space which could be a container garden or a single flower bed.  Discover Bud & Bee's infectious joy of working with nature and bringing sustainable, organic and natural gardening to your home. 

Bud & Bee can also provide regular garden keeping, one-offs and holiday services as well as houseplant care. 

Contact Bud & Bee on 07926668550 or email budandbeeuk@outlook.com

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